"Cowpens. The best example I have seen of a coordinated and resolved team overwhelming a compliant one.

Steven McCloud - CEO, Trident

How do you turn diversity into decisive unified action? After all, what matters most is your ability to Work as One to Win as One. Cowpens is an extraordinary example of leadership getting diverse groups of people to not merely carry out a plan, but to work as one to carry out the intent of the plan when Chaos attacks and the plan can't get it done.

Expectations are high. The stakes are even higher. You know what you've got to accomplish. And this operation has got to happen right now. You've got a plan. But you're challenged to garner resources necessary to make it happen. And you've got a diverse group people in your organization. Maybe they don't know each other, and they've just arrived from other organizations. Perhaps they just don't think very highly of each other. Regardless, they do not automatically trust each other. At minimum, your people are motivated by different things. They operate differently. They think differently. And you don't have time to gradually develop a harmonious environment.

What do you do? What do you have to accomplish?

This is Cowpens

Come with us and ask those people who were put through the ultimate crucible near the banks of the winding little creek out in the countryside. They found the answers and learned the brutally honest lessons the hard way. The battlefield is beautifully preserved so that we can come learn their lessons the easy way, then turn them into action.

Cowpens represents a stellar example of wringing every drop of value out of a culturally and functionally diverse group of people -- getting them to work as one to create singular value as a result.

At Trident Leadership, it is not our job to lecture, nor to lead tours. Our mission is to reveal those gems of real leadership value and help you turn them into action. And we're good at it.

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Steven McCloud

Steve is the founder of Trident Leadership, and author of "Black Dragon: the Experience of a Marine Rifle Company Named 2-F-23." The former corporate trainer has also led tours to historic battlefields from Iwo Jima to Normandy, lauded by legendary Head of the Marine Corps History and Museums Division and Navy Cross recipient Colonel John Ripley, USMC (Ret) as "...far and away the very best historian/guide I have seen on any tour. Light years beyond the average." Steve has conducted hundreds of battlefield staff rides with corporate teams, and is a lecturer for the Marine Corps.