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Can't make it to Normandy right now? We'll bring Normandy to you. Not sure how you and your team could take off to Hawaii at the moment? With Trident, you've got a ticket.

Leadership has everything to do with inspiration. Together we'll embark on some of the most inspiring journeys you will ever take...until you can go there with us in person. We'll create experiences that will inspire your people to want to work as one.

Let's escape for a while and head to Normandy and examine the readiness of General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Allied Expeditionary Force, then follow the troops as they move "from Chaos to Action". And we'll test their resolve to do all that absolute victory would require. Let's find out how in the world two massive organizations at Chickamauga can seem so incapable of executing a simple plan. We may even venture back to the birth of a nation and figure out how two diverse groups of people can meet for the first time one evening, then work in absolute coordination in the morning. We'll explore why teams separated by space and time can be not only unbreakable, but indomitable.

And together we'll help you figure out to achieve such coordination and resolve for yourself.

Now boarding, for Trident's Virtual Leadership Destinations!

TeamTrident Instructor

Steven McCloud

Steve is the founder of Trident Leadership, and author of "Black Dragon: the Experience of a Marine Rifle Company Named 2-F-23." The former corporate trainer has also led tours to historic battlefields from Iwo Jima to Normandy, lauded by legendary Head of the Marine Corps History and Museums Division and Navy Cross recipient Colonel John Ripley, USMC (Ret) as "...far and away the very best historian/guide I have seen on any tour. Light years beyond the average." Steve has conducted hundreds of battlefield staff rides with corporate teams, and is a lecturer for the Marine Corps.

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