Work as One. Win as One.

We build teams of leaders.

Trident's Battle-Ready Team Program

Featuring our Battlefield Leadership Experiences.
Built to lead, not just talk.

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Trident Leadership Destinations

Battlefield Leadership Experiences

The Destination is merely the beginning.

From Talk to Action

The Destination is just the beginning.

We're known for our impactful Battlefield Leadership Experiences, where our guests and participants witness "Leadership at the Scene of History." But that's just the beginning. Leadership is about action, not just talk. That's why we are prepared to help you in any number of ways to do whatever it takes to work as one to win as one.

See below how Trident's "Battle-Ready Team" Program, featuring our Battlefield Leadership Experience, is designed to help you win on both the inside and the outside. How? Visualize our team and leadership development process with the Boyd Decision Cycle. Whether you choose our full-on development program, or a single-day battlefield leadership experience, this visual will help you understand what you will be achieving in the development process.

  • 1

    Battlefield Leadership Experience

    Gain Shared Experience
    Foundation for the development

    Explore hallowed ground with us and experience Leadership and Team as few have, the good, bad, and ugly. But the Trident experience doesn't stop there. On some of our programs, experience it in real-time with our carefully selected hospitality partners.

  • 2


    Achieve Shared Understanding
    Articulate Lessons and Connections

    Begin and end each day's experience by applying your observations to your own situation and answering the questions that Leadership must always answer: "what's it got to do with us?" You will be surprised how easy it is. But we'll put a challenge to you.

  • 3

    Team Working Sessions

    Achieve Shared Mindset
    Document Hearts, Minds, Measures

    Follow with Working Sessions to document cultural and operational decisions. What do you want to be part of? What are you willing to do to achieve it? It's up to you. But now we're going to really start to challenge you.

  • 4

    Implementation and Development

    Enact Coordinated Effort
    Internal neuro-system

    Our team members can partner with you to see it through to results. We'll challenge your resolve and pull no punches. After all, that's Leadership. Of course, in the end, it comes down to you.

We don't sell gizmos or band-aids.
We build teams of leaders who know how to use the right gizmos the right way in order to achieve the right things.

From helpful, to decisive. Go the distance to battle-readiness.

  • Battlefield Leadership Experience Event
  • The above plus Team Working Sessions
  • The above plus tailored Trident consultancy
  • The above plus Your Resolve

From Chaos to Action

The measure of leadership is the battle-readiness of the team.