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75th Anniversary Saipan: Haywood Hansell

75th Anniversary Saipan 1944: The Leadership Mindset

As leaders, we must continually ask the question of ourselves: "What is it that the Team and the Mission require and how best can I contribute it?"

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Michael Sims of Hook + Gaff

From Passion to Business: Michael Sims of Hook + Gaff watches

Sometimes following one's passion can actually make business sense. But when it does, it rarely leads down a charted course. Michael Sims talks about his creation of a boutique South Carolina-based watch company Hook + Gaff, and about supporting our combat veterans through Operation WetVet.

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Iron Mike at La Fiere

Hearts, Minds & Measures: Creating action requires more than Management

Leaders create action. More accurately, leaders create coordinated action. But that's got to be done by people, and they've got to want to do it.

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Iron Mike at La Fiere

The Battle for Coordination: A Lesson from Normandy

One of the discussions when in Normandy is that both the Allies and Germans not only battled each other, but both were also fighting another enemy called Chaos.

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Sgt. Herb Meza

1960: The former Marine Sergeant who Cleared the Path for JFK

In the fall of 1960, it was the question of John F. Kennedy's Catholic faith which threatened to block his path to the White House. It was a former WWII Marine sergeant who took the initiative and cleared the way.

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2-F-23 Marines

Precious Time with the Veterans

Premeditated Hindsight: this photograph illustrates what made a forthcoming landmark book possible.

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McCloud at 29 Palms

With the Marines: Iwo Jima: "Working as One"

Trident founder Steve McCloud made multiple trips to California in 2017 to deliver PME (Professional Military Education) to two battalions of Marines as part of ITX 4-17. Since the focus of integration is working as one, McCloud took the Marines back to Iwo Jima virtually, to rediscover why that 1945 battle stands at the pinnacle of Marine Corps legacy.

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Work as One. Win as One.

The battle for coordination is joined.