Normandy. Chickamauga. Gettysburg.

Experience Leadership at the Scene of History.

Leadership and Team Development

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Hearts, Minds & Measures

You need all three working as one if your team is going to work together as one to win. It's what separates Leadership from mere Management, and the contenders from the pretenders. Whether you do our full program or only part of it, we help you inspire, engage, develop, and coordinate operationally.
Battlefield Experience

Experience Inspiration together

Good leadership inspires people to want to do it. Stand with us on historic and hallowed ground. Witness the possibilities of normal people working together to accomplish extraordinary things for each other, and the extraordinary costs in lives and livelihoods when they do not. Come away inspired to achieve it for yourself.

Team Session

Achieve Shared Understanding

Good leadership, like good training, simplifies and clarifies. Come away with clarity of understanding and vision of what must be achieved as one, and what is required in order for the condition of Team and Excellence to exist.

Why choose Us?

Deliver Winning Metrics

What gets measured gets done. What gets rewarded gets repeated. A team has specific requirements. We'll see to it that you're prepared to deliver them, and that you are prepared to measure and reward the right things the right way in order to win.

Trident Leadership Destinations

Live and Virtual Battlefield Leadership Experiences

The Destination is merely the beginning.

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Work as One. Win as One.

The battle for coordination is joined.